Having a Child Does Not End Loneliness

It doesn’t even make it feel a bit better.

Britney Spears is deluding herself if she thinks having a daughter, a “mini-me” as she calls this as-yet-to-be-conceived daughter, will cure her loneliness.

If a husband and two sons didn’t cure her loneliness, adding yet another child won’t do it, either.

Her loneliness probably has deeper causes that adding another child may exacerbate rather than alleviate. She should explore that before she adds a child that has an extremely high chance of not being like her at all.

If this hypothetical daughter is conceived and born, and isn’t an identical clone of Ms. Spears, how will that affect her loneliness?

What happens if this 3rd child is another son? Will she keep trying until she finally has a daughter? My mother’s friend did that, and had 17 boys before they finally had a daughter. By then, she was too tired and too old to really enjoy the little girl and left most of the girl’s upbringing to her older sons and their wives.

Ms. Spears isn’t alone in thinking that a child is a cure for whatever ails them, and will probably join the many, many people who learned otherwise – often to the detriment of the child upon whom they pinned their dreams and hopes.

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  1. ssgt leslie
    Dec 10, 2013 @ 15:01:03

    she needs to think twice about her actions. thanks for sharing.

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